Meet The Chef


Executive Chef and Owner, Brandon Brimley of To the Brim Catering was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Cooking has been a part of Chef Brandon’s life for as long as he can remember. His grandmother was always known to throw down in the kitchen. You could smell the aromas just before walking to the door.

The talented chef acquired his culinary skills and techniques from the Pulaski Technical College of Culinary Arts & Hospitality in Little Rock, also receiving his Certificate of Proficiency in Basic Food Prep. Through working banquets, participating in fundraisers and restaurant tours, Chef Brandon “Brim” was able to promote unity and community service. As a result of hard work and dedication, a seed was planted in his heart to start his own catering company.


” You’re never too old to learn nor are you never too young to teach. Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once couldn’t. ”

Chef Brim’s Passion For Cooking

Building his brand took time, dedication, hard work and most of all, faith. Chef Brandon worked two jobs and attended school all while building a lucrative business. In 2013, he was hired for his first paid catering job for making cupcakes. The staff was floored with the taste and presentation of the cupcakes but, Chef Brandon himself knew he could do better. In 2014, he also catered his first wedding which fed over 200 guests at the Greek Orthodox Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Guess you can say this was his launching pad, because from there things started to take off…

Chef Brandon continues to create memories through private parties, cooking classes, weddings, graduations, etc. In 2015, Chef Brandon became a member of The Stand Foundation, a non-Profit Organization which helps to build leaders in the community. Brandon was featured in the ML Community & Lifestyle Magazine for his entrepreneurship and community involvement. Because of his tenacity to chase and follow his dream he was able to secure a spot on Fox 16 Food Spotlight Segment. He has a passion for people and of course children. Brandon encourages children to find their passion, follow their dreams, and be great at it. This led him to joining Bearden Productions in January 2016 where he taught cooking classes with children as young as five years old to cook. Soon after, he collaborated with five other local chefs putting on a successful showcase called “The Chef’s Conglomerate”.

Chef Brandon is currently in motion with his branding project and signature event  The Munch and Mingle. They are taking off on their third year of success.


Please continue to participate, promote, and encourage him on his endeavors as he continues to build a positive foundation within the community.


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