The Munch and Mingle

The Munch and Mingle is our annual food and celebratory tasting event where you will experience fusion cuisine and hand-crafted dishes prepared and showcased by Executive Chef Brandon Brimley of To the Brim Catering. This year we partnered up with Kimberly Trell, Owner and Lead Coordinator of Kimber Decor Events and have decided to celebrate this years’ Munch and Mingle by doing it Caribbean style. We will have live music that will relax your mind but move you to groove with us and maintain a classy let your hair down and loosen your tie kind of night.

Chef Brandon Brimley at the 2nd Munch and Mingle

 This semi upscale social club was created as an outlet for business professionals to relax, mingle enjoy live music and entertainment. We’ve also incorporated a creative Interactive Arts segment that allows our guests to make their mark at the annual event, meet new people and have fun while doing it! We plan to grown BIGGER and BETTER every year! Our vision is build relationships, share ideas and to empower those around us. There’s enough tragedy going on in the world so at the Munch and Mingle, it’s all about having a good time, eating great food and synergy.

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